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Book Launch – December 9, 2017

26 Nov

On December 9, 2017 two new books will be released:

The Adventures of Layman P’ang


Naked Zen

Boston Treasures

1 Jan

Boston Treasures


Boston is a city of writers, history, sports, special places, revolution, beauty, contradictions, bridges, divisions, schools, innovation, public spaces and pedestrians.  Boston, that city on the harbor, reaching out to the wider world, yet insulated by its protective cape curling the city into its strong arm; Boston, the cradle of Revolution and bastion of conventional values; Boston, progressive in politics, stodgy in personality; Boston, with its Public Garden as a welcome mat to the world and its tightknit social circles that keeps outsiders at bay; Boston, city of Celtic green, Patriot Red, White, and Blue, Red Sox, Bruins black and gold, and flannel everywhere, even in summer; Boston, you shining beacon on a hill of enlightened promise and shadowy narrow streets sprawling out to City Hall Plaza; Boston, you flotilla of brownstones rising from the marsh of Back Bay; Boston you great little city filled with lore, legend, legacy, and the cresting impulse striving for something more.


Daily Obstruction: Detritus & Desiderata

17 Aug


Detritus & Desiderata

There will always be stuff we wish to abandon and there will be virtues to which we aspire – both in ourselves and in others.  Accepting both, loving the whole, is the challenge – the desiderata, you might say.

Daily Obstruction: Horror Vaccui

29 Apr


Horror Vaccui


Just as many people feel intimidated by the blank canvas before them and would prefer a color-by-number picture to creating an original work of art, so too do many people stand in horror before the possibilities that life places before them and prefer to follow the well-worn paths of others and obey “the rules” rather than make their own path and own rules.

Daily Obstruction: Attachment & Addiction

12 Feb



Attachment & Addiction


Is it a daily obstruction or a daily obsession?

Daily Obstruction: Self-Examination

5 Dec

ascetic buddha1


Examination – n. 1) test; 2) observation, inspection.

Boston Branch of the Northwest Zen Community – Eishoji Zen Temple

20 Jul

Welcome to the new Boston Branch of the Northwest Zen Community!




We will be meeting at: 1318 Beacon Street, Suite 15, Brookline, MA 02446

Tuesday evenings from 7-8 for one hour study and meditation sessions beginning in September, 2014.

Please sign up by August 24 to reserve your space because space is limited.

Contact Jason Giannetti – for more information or use the field below: