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Daily Obstruction: Truce

7 Oct





I have made peace with my distracted mind.  Unfortunately, due to its distraction, it is a unilateral peace.


Daily Obstruction: Forest, Trees, Sea

21 Apr


Forest, Trees, Sea


The mind is like an untouched plot of jungle – teeming with growth, naturally.  The “cultivated” mind is like a kept forest – pruned and made “useful.”  The meditative mind is like the wide horizon of the sea – clear, yet open to the appearance of sun, clouds, moon, and stars.

Daily Obstruction: Disease, Diagnosis, Prescription, Cure

3 Apr


Disease, Diagnosis, Prescription, Cure


If you could live completely Now you would never age.  Aging is merely a symptom of living outside of Now.

Daily Obstruction: The Power of Thought

2 Apr


The Power of Thought


Billions of years of high pressure does not turn coal into a valuable stone.  Thinking does.

Daily Obstruction: Thoughts & Deeds

30 Mar


Thoughts & Deeds


Descartes said, “Cogito ergo sum,” I think, therefore I am.  But it does not follow to say, “I think bad thoughts, therefore I am bad.”  Or, conversely, “I think good thoughts, therefore I am good.”

Daily Obstruction: Brain Chemistry

22 Mar


Brain Chemistry

My mind is made of unstable elements.

Daily Obstruction: In Season

8 Feb


In Season

It is never “unseasonable.”  It is we who presume to dictate what the weather should be.