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Daily Obstruction: Thelema

15 Oct






Use me as Thou wilt.  I’m yours.

Resistance is folly.

You have broken me.

You have opened me.

You have sounded me.

My will has left me bereft.

Your will is all I have left.

Carry me upon the cosmic current

like so many sparks of light

coalescing in the darkest night.

As you form me, ephemeral though “I” may be,

ʼtis Your energy to fashion as You see fit.

Far be it for the flame to rebuke the fuel.

ʼTis not for the fire to take the wood to task for its use.

ʼTis all that You sustain me now,

dependently arising within a universe that, like a tidal river, ever ebbs and flows.

Daily Obstruction: Joy & Sorrow

23 Sep


Joy & Sorrow


The source of my joy is always of my own making.  It then follows that the source of my suffering and sorrow is also always of my own making.


Daily Obstruction: Nemesis

14 Sep





Beware your archenemy because he knows your every move, your every foible, your every weakness, all your strengths, plans, desires, and where you keep your greatest treasure hidden.  He is as smart as you, as cunning, as quick on the draw.  Beware, for he lingers in the dark awaiting your defenselessness.  Beware, for he will pounce just when you thought you lost him.  Beware, for your archenemy is you.

Daily Obstruction: Retreat & Return

30 Aug


Retreat and Return


In this day and age – to a far greater extent than ever in human history – we must actively seek to cultivate the virtues of solitude, slowness, and contemplation as counter balances to distraction, speed, and inauthenticity.  Humanity’s crowning achievement – the virtual removal of boundaries in space and time, allowing for instantaneous communication and virtual as well as physical being-with-others and being-present-for-others – is now our greatest obstacle.  We cannot truly be with another or be present for another if we don’t know how to be alone or to be present without diversions.  Solitude is not the same as loneliness or feeling isolated or alienated.  Solitude is the salve for alienation from the self.  Only when you have repaired the rupture from yourself are you ready to return.

Daily Obstruction: Misery

21 Aug





My misery does not love company.  My misery loves solitude.

Daily Obstruction: Savior

20 Aug





There is only one superhero – the Self.


Daily Obstruction: Shhh!

6 Aug





There, behind you, where you cannot see, ever out of sight, silent, still, and almost completely imperceptible, is your Self, secretly reassuring you that it will all be alright.  (But don’t tell anyone, because it’s a secret.  If this little secret your Self possesses were known, then all the fun would be taken out of the game of Hide-and-Seek that you play with your Self.)