The Daily Obstruction




This page of The Metafictional Club is dedicated to meditations upon “obstructions.”  Here, the notion of “obstruction” is suggesting various meanings of the term: an obstacle in life, or an obstacle in art (such as writing a piece of fiction without using the letter ‘R’), an obstacle in a game (in soccer, for instance, an “obstruction” is taken as a foul, and therefore it implies rules).  Some “obstructions” in art, for example, include the Dogme 95 movement in film and, of course, The Five Obstructions.

The underlying notion is counter-intuitive:  We commonly think of people trying to remove obstacles, obstructions, and problems from their lives, but the undeniable fact remains that people actually create and invent daily obstructions in life, games, art, love, law, finance, physics, and metaphysics.  In fact, every field of human existence and thought is literally defined by obstruction.

Here is today’s Obstruction:


Life is not a series of riddles to be solved, nor is it a series of problems without solution, but rather, there are innumerable obstacles which, when looked at correctly, dissolve of themselves.

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