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Daily Obstruction: Row of the Heavenly Hosts

24 Apr


Row of the Heavenly Hosts


It is said that when God considered creating humans, God brought the question to the hosts of angels.  The angels were split evenly between the camp that were in favor of this creature and those that were opposed.  Of those in favor, they put forth the argument that this creature would be most godlike since it would have freedom of choice.  Of those opposed, they put forth the argument of the potential for evil this creature would have due to its being imbued with freedom of the will.  In the pro camp, the angels advocated for imbuing this creature with so powerful a mind that it could figure out the best choices.  In the con camp, Satan, jealous of the new creature’s powers and also eager to employ the new creature for his own purposes, convinced his fellow angels to concede to the creation of humans on the condition that the new creature was not given any instruction on how to use its unique power – the mind.


Daily Obstruction: In Heaven and On Earth

27 Feb



In Heaven and On Earth


Though the law, in theory, represents ‘us’ and ‘our’ interests, we don’t live in theory.  In lived experience, the lofty aspirations of ‘the law’ are manifest in the flawed enforcement of mortals drunk on power and the crushing force of ‘a system.’  Hence, it should come as no surprise that in fiction outlaws are portrayed as heroes opposing every last vestige of authority and audiences everywhere identify with the heroic lawbreaker.

Daily Obstruction: Mystery

16 Feb




Some people doubt the abundance of heaven’s generosity.  Those same people curse the rain, the snow, the heat, the wind, the darkness, the light and then they compound their blasphemy by denying that heaven ever bestowed upon them anything.