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Daily Obstruction: Almanac

9 Oct




Fallow and fecund.  Dormant and prodigious.  Back and forth the artist’s pendulum swings, just as with the farmer’s field.  Like the farmer, the artist too fears the day of declining yield.

Daily Obstruction: Truce

7 Oct





I have made peace with my distracted mind.  Unfortunately, due to its distraction, it is a unilateral peace.


Daily Obstruction: Artistic Bent

6 Oct




Artistic Bent


The most intense adversity can act as a crucible for creativity.

Daily Obstruction: Prerequisite

30 Sep





Is it not necessary for a “peak experience” to emerge from a plain or even a valley?

Daily Obstruction: Re-Creation

12 Sep





Everything is new. . . again.

Daily Obstruction: Travels

6 Sep




If dreams are the highway to the unconscious, then art is the byway from the unconscious.

Daily Obstruction: Retreat & Return

30 Aug


Retreat and Return


In this day and age – to a far greater extent than ever in human history – we must actively seek to cultivate the virtues of solitude, slowness, and contemplation as counter balances to distraction, speed, and inauthenticity.  Humanity’s crowning achievement – the virtual removal of boundaries in space and time, allowing for instantaneous communication and virtual as well as physical being-with-others and being-present-for-others – is now our greatest obstacle.  We cannot truly be with another or be present for another if we don’t know how to be alone or to be present without diversions.  Solitude is not the same as loneliness or feeling isolated or alienated.  Solitude is the salve for alienation from the self.  Only when you have repaired the rupture from yourself are you ready to return.