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Daily Obstruction: Traveling in Some Vehicle

22 Aug


Traveling in Some Vehicle


This thing we call “consciousness”: It’s as if we were transported from a distant galaxy to this planet and placed inside this pod we call “a body” in order to learn what we can while we’re here.  When our mission is over, we will return home and use this knowledge somehow.  Sometimes it is very lonely on this distant planet and we miss our home across the stars.

Daily Obstructions: Traveler of Space and Time

21 May


Traveler of Time and Space


Past, present, and future may all exist simultaneously.  All places may be the same place, but you exist here and now.  That is your boon and your bane, your challenge and your reality, your possibility and your limitation.  Are you up for it?


[Dear Readers: I apologize for not having a post posted yesterday.  I was traveling from 6:45 am to midnight EST.  I have arrived.  There will be two Daily Obstructions today to make up for yesterday’s deficiency. ]