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Daily Obstruction: Prerequisite

30 Sep





Is it not necessary for a “peak experience” to emerge from a plain or even a valley?

Daily Obstruction: Infinite Abyss

18 Sep


Infinite Abyss


There is no plumbing the depths of depression.



Daily Obstruction: Re-Creation

12 Sep





Everything is new. . . again.

Daily Obstruction: Refractive Index

4 Sep


Refractive Index


Light : Light seen through glass, passing through water :: Thought : Thought passing through a melancholic spell.


Daily Obstruction: Ebb & Flow

20 Mar


Ebb & Flow


Nature needs to run its course – fecund and fallow, fever and fatigue returns – a cycle of virtue and vice.



Daily Obstruction: Moksha & Art

21 Feb

guan yin

Moksha & Art

It has been said that the power to enlighten others, if not discharged, is like a restless elephant caged by a straw hut.  Conversely, if that power is released to others, it is like draining an aquifer of its water causing it to implode upon itself.  Is not the creative process akin to this power to enlighten?

Daily Obstruction: Ups, Downs, and Trepidation

28 Jan


Ups, Downs, and Trepidation


When high, the anxiety of the descent can summon its inception.