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Daily Obstruction: Longevity

29 Jul



Seems Tautological, But It’s Not


The key to longevity is lasting a long time.

Daily Obstruction: Fool’s Dilemma

13 May


Fool’s Dilemma


The philosopher’s fundamental questions – freedom of the will and determinism – are the playthings of monkey mind.


Daily Obstruction: Necessities & Nuisances

21 Apr

ascetic buddha1

Necessities & Nuisances


Socrates found the needs for sleep, food, drink, sex, and other bodily necessities to be obstacles.  Others call these “creature comforts.”  Still others find these to be that which makes life worth living.  What you find to be an obstruction or an amenity says much about you.

Daily Obstruction: Inertia & Change

24 Feb


Inertia and Change



Stability, comfort, routine, security, subservience are enemies of growth, development, vitality, imagination, and freedom.  Complacency and conformity result from concord.  Conflict and resistance create sparks of genius.


Daily Obstruction: Enduring Obstructions

8 Jan


Enduring Obstructions


Move it.  Remove it.  Improve it.  The “it” is still there, so you might as well use it.

The Daily Obstruction: Chance and Necessity

22 Dec


Chance and Necessity


Failure is no more the opposite of success than tails is the opposite of heads.