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Daily Obstruction: Writing Exercise in Futility

1 Oct


Writing Exercise in Futility


Alone in my cell, I use imaginary paint to cover the walls with the images of my dreams for no other reason than to forget for a brief moment that they imprison me in my solitary confinement.  Or is my cell a figment of my imagination?


Your Daily Obstruction: Mistakes

1 Dec

I didn’t post a Daily Obstruction yesterday.  After four days away from the office, I got so busy that I forgot.  I apologize.  My mistake.  Here is a second Daily Obstruction for today to atone.






“We all make mistakes” is a platitude.  But what those mistakes make is a life – just as much as the pattern of your successes.  Error and accomplishment are the light and darkness of your self-portrait.


  • Image George Grosz, Uprooted, 1948

Your Daily Obstruction: Sight Unseen

2 Nov


Sight Unseen


Some people prefer the self-imposed boundary of coloring within the lines.  Others paint in the dark.