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Daily Obstruction: Transformations

31 Mar




Whether it be a diamond, a pearl, or a glass bead, in each case something dross or mundane was turned into something beautiful and prized.  Sometimes this happens naturally, sometimes through culture, sometimes by being put through the caldron.

Daily Obstruction: Thoughts & Deeds

30 Mar


Thoughts & Deeds


Descartes said, “Cogito ergo sum,” I think, therefore I am.  But it does not follow to say, “I think bad thoughts, therefore I am bad.”  Or, conversely, “I think good thoughts, therefore I am good.”

Daily Obstruction: Mining

29 Mar




It takes three billion years to produce a diamond.  Even a cultured pearl can take up to two years to form.  Yet you desire a gem every day.  Perhaps I can interest you in a few glass beads instead?

Daily Obstruction: By Indirections

28 Mar


By Indirections


If all forward progress took a direct route, then no cars would be equipped with the ability to go in reverse.

Daily Obstruction: Learned the Hard Way

27 Mar

new college oxford chestnut

Learned the Hard Way


Experience is a good teacher, but bad experience is a better teacher.


Daily Obstruction: Samsara in the Sky

26 Mar

guan yin


Samsara in the Sky


It’s the errant star that gets noticed.  It is called a “planet,” literally, “wanderer.”

Daily Obstruction: Compose Yourself

25 Mar



Compose Yourself


All philosophy is biography, said Nietzsche.  Your biography most accurately articulates your philosophy, say I.