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Daily Obstruction: Turning Point

17 Oct



Turning Point


I’ve turned so many corners in my life that I’m back where I began.

Daily Obstruction: Élan

11 Sep





Live Vitally.


(A Brief Explanation: This is the one ethical injunction, the one imperative of my ethical system that I call “Vitalism.”  It sounds like a tautology since the word “vital” means living.  But, to live vitally is no simple platitude enjoining one to do what one is already doing, viz., living life.  Rather, it derives its sense from the array of meanings of the term vital: essential, of the essence, critical crucial, key, indispensable, integral, urgent, pressing, burning, compelling, of the utmost importance.  In other words, remove from your life anything extraneous, unnecessary, anything that is an encumbrance.  And in another sense of vital: lively, energetic, spirited, exuberant, dynamic, vigorous, lusty, with élan, ecstatic.  It is an injunction to live life, not just by default, but with a lust for life, a life lived to the fullest, deepest, darkest, brightest, and best.  It is to live life as one would make art – not simply duplicating what has already been done, but creatively doing what has never been done, never been dared.  Not making a living, but making a life.)

Daily Obstruction: Misadventure

18 Aug





“Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” the saying goes.  Sometimes the only thing gained is pain, disappointment, and bitter knowledge.

Daily Obstruction: Self Snare

20 Jun

Medieval Dunking

Self Snare


When you walk into the same trap repeatedly, every time, then you have to begin to suspect that it’s your trap, as in, you’re the one who set it.  So you can’t really be upset that you find yourself in its snare.

Daily Obstruction: Learned the Hard Way

27 Mar

new college oxford chestnut

Learned the Hard Way


Experience is a good teacher, but bad experience is a better teacher.