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Daily Obstruction: Fragile! Don’t Touch!

27 Sep




Fragile! Don’t Touch!



There’s that which protects the heart

and there’s that which imprisons it.

There’s that which opens the heart

and there’s that which abuses it.

Upon the heart

the most gentle caress can leave a scar.

Though the heart heals itself

It bears its bloody wounds forever.


Daily Obstruction: Falling into a Pit

24 Aug



Falling into a Pit


Some people lead with fear.  I lead with love – blindly.

Daily Obstruction: Misadventure

18 Aug





“Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” the saying goes.  Sometimes the only thing gained is pain, disappointment, and bitter knowledge.

Daily Obstruction: Detritus & Desiderata

17 Aug


Detritus & Desiderata

There will always be stuff we wish to abandon and there will be virtues to which we aspire – both in ourselves and in others.  Accepting both, loving the whole, is the challenge – the desiderata, you might say.

Daily Obstruction: Breaking Point

13 Aug


The Breaking Point

(Bad Buddhist or Good?)


Imagine, if you will, a meter that measures the level of caring.  There is a white zone to the far left indicating not caring; a large green zone spanning the arch of the meter indicating healthy caring; a yellow zone to the right indicating more than healthy caring; and a red zone on the far right indicating dangerous levels of caring.  I exist in the red zone and occasionally break through to “beyond caring.”

Daily Obstruction: The Three L’s

15 Jul

Lois Mona

The Three L’s


The key to a long life: laughter, love, living in the moment.


(Happy 80th Birthday to Mona & Lois!)

Daily Obstruction: The Keep and The Breach

16 Jun

new college oxford chestnut


The Keep and the Breach


The same walls that defend you also prevent you from accepting help.  The very same mote that protects your vulnerabilities also keeps love at bay.  To open your heart is Pandora’s Box in reverse – it lets in all gifts, including those that may be hard to accept.



Daily Obstruction: Love’s Limits Lost

7 Jun



Love’s Limits Lost



“Learn to love the limits.”

“But I hate limits.”

“Then love them unlimitedly.”

Daily Obstruction: The Social Animal

24 May


The Social Animal


Conflict is the inevitable corollary of companionship.

Daily Obstruction: Inertia & Change

24 Feb


Inertia and Change



Stability, comfort, routine, security, subservience are enemies of growth, development, vitality, imagination, and freedom.  Complacency and conformity result from concord.  Conflict and resistance create sparks of genius.