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Daily Obstruction: Hidden to Oneself

30 Sep


Hidden to Oneself


Buddy Rich couldn’t read music.  Once he asked his friend and my former teacher, Al Miller, to teach him.  Al responded, “I could, but it would only make you a worse drummer, not better.”  Sometimes, especially for an artist of genius, knowing what you do is a hindrance to doing it.


Daily Obstruction: Apprenticeship

16 Jul






Every day God paints anew upon the blank canvass of the sky.  It’s not that God is trying to “get it right,” but simply painting for painting’s sake.  Every moment the sea undulates and crests and crashes upon the shore, not in order to make the perfect wave, but simply because that’s what it does.  Art abounds, art surrounds us, art is us.  What can we learn from all the various masterful art instructors?  Do what comes naturally, and fear not the “correct” way, the “perfect” product, the “right” result.

Daily Obstruction: Zoning Laws

19 Feb


In Your Zone and Beyond

Fish flop on dry land.  Birds hop on the ground.  Gazelles can neither swim nor fly.  It’s all about finding the right environment for your individual talents to shine.  (Yet humans refuse to be limited to any one environment.)