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Playground of the Soul

31 Oct


hindu sculpture

Playground of the Soul


You have had a penchant for adversity and obstacles since before you were born.  That you chose to be embodied demonstrates, ab initio, your desire to experience the joy in resistance.

Poetic Medium

30 Oct


Poetic Medium


It would seem that poetry is a mighty obstacle to a writer – all those rules of rhyme, rhythm, meter, metaphor.  But sometimes the words write themselves and they choose poetry over prose.

Your Daily Obstruction: Games

29 Oct



It’s easy to speak of obstacles found in games because fundamentally games are about the challenge of surmounting obstruction.  If you need further proof of the extent to which obstructions are sought after rather than avoided in life as in games, then simply look to the proliferation of games in life.  Games themselves are willed obstructions in our otherwise unencumbered lives.

Your Daily Obstruction: Trouble

28 Oct

wrathful buddha

The Trouble With Keeping Out of Trouble


Do you find it hard to keep out of trouble?  Do you find yourself looking for trouble?  Did you ever wonder why?  If it’s worth the trouble, then there’s your answer.

Today’s Daily Obstruction: Money

27 Oct




We commonly say “time is money.”  Given our observation of time as multivalent and an almost ubiquitous factor in various sorts of games, it is easy to understand how money serves a similar function.  Like time, money keeps the game ‘in play.’  Even when out of money, the game rolls along because of the other factor that greases the wheels – time.

Your Daily Obstruction: Evolution

26 Oct



If ever there was an apodictic argument for life’s innate yearning for resistance, it is evolution.  When swimming became too easy and commonplace, life found its next challenge on land.  When that challenge no longer provided sufficient amusement, life strove for the skies.  The question today is: Now what?

The Daily Obstruction: Labyrinthine Life

25 Oct



The path through the labyrinth is the longest possible way to the center.  Yet, it is unicursal – a single path to the center and out again, preventing the possibility of the pilgrim getting lost.  Unlike the labyrinth, life is multicursal and for getting lost.  The destination is not a place, nor an external acquisition – it is the knowledge that the center is and always has been right where you are.