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Daily Obstruction: TLDR

22 Jun



Every two days, the human race produces the equivalent amount of information as it did from the dawn of writing until 2003.  Yet essays longer than 750 words are considered too long.  140 characters are becoming the standard size for all thoughts.  Soon, even aphorisms will be

Daily Obstruction: Pith and Pomp

11 Jun


Pith and Pomp


Pretty phrases are like a Christmas tree – an elaborately decorated symbol of life upon the boughs of death.  Aphorisms are like a gnarled tree upon a lonely mountain pass – difficult but beautiful in its own way, and remarkably alive.

Daily Obstruction: Punctuality

10 May

Brahma from Halebid in Karnataka



You can rush an elephant, but be careful the elephant doesn’t rush you.

Forging Words: Your Daily Obstruction

17 Dec


Forging Words

Crafting an aphorism is much like the way the samurais used to forge their swords:  the steel went in the furnace, was heated, flattened, folded over on itself, and repeated many times before being cooled by water and polished.  Finally, in its ultimate state, the samurai sword was used not as a weapon of aggression, but as a symbol.