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Daily Obstruction: Being Present

6 Jun


[Today’s Daily Obstruction is in the form of a philosophical poem.  Because why not?]

Life Passes You By as You Busy Yourself With More Important Things



If a breeze rustles through the leaves of a tree,

But everyone has their earbuds in,

Does it make a gentle sound?


If a bird sings a song,

But everyone is on the phone,

Does it sing as sweet?


If the sun bestows its light,

But everyone is in offices beneath the florescent glow,

Does it care?


If I am here

And you are there,

Do I love you less or more?


If the world goes about its daily chores

Without even a glance at Nature,

Will it one day wake up to discover

Life is as real as it is rare?

Daily Obstruction: Philosophers & Monsters

22 Apr



Philosophers & Monsters


The riddle of the Sphynx is the nemesis of the philosopher.  Its essence is time.  Its effect is a plague.  The Sphynx stands before the philosopher as the personification of Nature’s objection to all philosophy.

Daily Obstruction: In Season

8 Feb


In Season

It is never “unseasonable.”  It is we who presume to dictate what the weather should be.

Daily Obstruction: In-Tuition of Nature

15 Jan

tcb 010

In-Tuition of Nature

Nature’s first lessons are taught with pain and pleasure.  Once these are learned – if ever – then she whispers the secret of communion and fidelity.  After a long apprenticeship, she secretly bestows her creative power, indicating graduation.  This is done unceremoniously and the only rewards she offers for such a rare accomplishment is delight in poetic pain.

Daily Obstruction: The Spiral Curriculum

7 Jan


Nature’s Spiral Curriculum


Life lessons are presented obliquely.  They are learned, if at all, by repetition.

Daily Obstruction: Planned Obsolescence

2 Dec


Planned Obsolescence

Death is woven into our genetic code because the one principle that Nature refuses to abide is stasis.

Your Daily Obstruction: True

1 Dec




There are precious few straight lines in nature.  Why then do you suppose that your trajectory in life will be a straight line?  Rather, it’s curves, zigs, zags, squiggles and scribbles.  Yet, it is only by nature’s example that the carpenter and architect establish any plane or plumb.  As part of nature, you too have your wiggles and your hidden alignment.