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Daily Obstruction: Élan

11 Sep





Live Vitally.


(A Brief Explanation: This is the one ethical injunction, the one imperative of my ethical system that I call “Vitalism.”  It sounds like a tautology since the word “vital” means living.  But, to live vitally is no simple platitude enjoining one to do what one is already doing, viz., living life.  Rather, it derives its sense from the array of meanings of the term vital: essential, of the essence, critical crucial, key, indispensable, integral, urgent, pressing, burning, compelling, of the utmost importance.  In other words, remove from your life anything extraneous, unnecessary, anything that is an encumbrance.  And in another sense of vital: lively, energetic, spirited, exuberant, dynamic, vigorous, lusty, with élan, ecstatic.  It is an injunction to live life, not just by default, but with a lust for life, a life lived to the fullest, deepest, darkest, brightest, and best.  It is to live life as one would make art – not simply duplicating what has already been done, but creatively doing what has never been done, never been dared.  Not making a living, but making a life.)


Daily Obstruction: As Within, So Too Without

21 Jul


As Within, So Too Without


The nature of the soul radiates outward and forms the world in its own image.

Daily Obstruction: Virtue Ethics

29 Jun


Virtue Ethics


“Sounds like you’d rather be right than be happy.”

“If I don’t do the right thing, then I can’t be happy, but doing the right thing is often obvious and rarely easy.”

Daily Obstruction: Ethical Imperative

17 Apr


Ethical Imperative


Don’t bother asking yourself how you can be a better person or how you can be a good person.  Ask yourself each day, “How can I live more vitally today than yesterday?”  However, if you are asking yourself that, you probably aren’t living as vitally as you can.