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Daily Obstruction: Longevity

29 Jul



Seems Tautological, But It’s Not


The key to longevity is lasting a long time.

Daily Obstruction: Going for the Gold Watch?

6 Apr


Going for the Gold Watch?


“I have been doing such-and-such for over twenty years.”  Most people, when they hear words to that effect, interpret them as a virtue: consistency, dependability, reliability, dedication, etc.  I hear a lack of imagination, and stagnation due to fear, comfort, and complacency.  But what it really comes down to, I suppose, is what “such-and-such” is and how you do it.

Daily Obstruction: Contra Aristotle

25 Feb


Contra Aristotle


So many people wonder why they’re not happy.  The answer is self-evident: Contrary to Aristotle, humans are not meant to be happy.  That’s not our goal, our telos, any more than the goal of the atmosphere is to be sunny and 74 degrees.  Rather, we are meant to complete our assigned task and that is not easy.  “Happiness” is a chimera created to be like the proverbial carrot held out in front of the donkey to get it to do its work.  Forget happiness and focus on your work because you are not an ass and your work was assigned just for you.

Daily Obstruction: Process Over Product

14 Feb


Process Over Product

Successful people don’t strive for success, for if they do, they’re not successful, if by “success” we mean the achievement of a good life and sense of well-being.  If one strives for success, when one reaches the pinnacle of one’s goals, it feels empty.  Rather, successful people strive to do this immediate task-at-hand as best they can.  When that’s complete, they move on to the next task-at-hand.  Successful people throw themselves into the struggle wholeheartedly.  Success is not a state, it’s an activity.

Daily Obstruction: Good Job

11 Feb


Good Job

If we humans are so lazy, selfish, and eager for ease, then why does an honest day’s work feel so good?

Daily Obstruction: Tasks

11 Jan

hokusai hanging cloud bridge


There will always be more to do, but seeing what needs to be done, doing it, and then moving on to the next task is the best one can do.  Individuals can only perform individual tasks.