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Daily Obstruction: Missives from the Undiscovered Country

3 Sep




Missives from the Undiscovered Country


Aches, pain, injuries, hearing loss, impaired vision – these are the messengers of mortality.  How do you receive them?


Daily Obstruction: Ascetic Ideal

12 Aug


Ascetic Ideal


Asceticism may be as much a substitute for spirituality as psychedelics, but it is undeniably an alternative impetus for creativity.

Daily Obstruction: Your Body and “You”

22 May



What Do You Mean?


People commonly say “My body is killing me.”  Is it, or are you killing your body?

Daily Obstruction: Brain Chemistry

22 Mar


Brain Chemistry

My mind is made of unstable elements.

Daily Obstruction: Gravitational Pull

17 Mar


Gravitational Pull


The mind can be non-attached, but bodies are the locus of attraction.


Daily Obstruction: Beyond the British Pleasure Principle

7 Feb

golden ratio

Beyond the British Pleasure Principle

Have you ever wondered why you find pain pleasurable and find decadent pleasure nauseating?  Contrary to the British philosophers, we were not made for pleasure.  We were made for finding delight in the overcoming of pleasure.

Daily Obstruction: Good Health

4 Feb



  אֲשֶׁר יָצַר אֶת הָאָדָם


There’s a Jewish prayer that gives thanks for fashioning us with “many openings and many hollows. . . .  If even one of them ruptures, or if even one of them becomes blocked, it would be impossible to survive (even for a short period).”  Some obstructions are beyond us while simultaneously within us.  No matter what obstruction faces you externally, give thanks for good health while you have it.  And if you do not have it, know that this too is a daily obstruction.  My one of your internal openings be open to the thought of that.