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Daily Obstruction: Turning Point

17 Oct



Turning Point


I’ve turned so many corners in my life that I’m back where I began.


Daily Obstruction: Lyrics Taken Literally

1 Aug


Lyrics Taken Literally


“The good ole days weren’t always good and tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems.”  Proof: Today is tomorrow’s good ole days and today is yesterday’s tomorrow.

Daily Obstruction: Longevity

29 Jul



Seems Tautological, But It’s Not


The key to longevity is lasting a long time.

Daily Obstruction: A Moment’s Quality

25 Jul


A Moment’s Quality


Just as each note in a composition is harmonious or dissonant with the cluster of notes surrounding it and it is from that cluster of notes that the quality of the chord is created, so too, each moment falls not only in a linear progression but a vertical relation as well.

Daily Obstruction: Contextual Now

25 Jul


Contextual Now


Just as each note in a composition is not independent of that which came before it or that which comes after it, so too, each moment has a history and future in which its meaning is found.

Daily Obstruction: Playtime

3 Jul





If life were a zero-sum game, then the fact would be that ultimately we all end in the zero column.  If it’s not a zero-sum game, then, it’s not strictly a competitive game.  None of us win in the end, but all of us can play simply for fun.

Daily Obstruction: Just For Now

28 Jun


Just For Now


Everything is just for now.  Talk of plans for the future – just for now.  Memories of things past – just for now.  To do this or not do that – just for now.  There is nothing that is not just for now.  Even this is just for now.