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Daily Obstruction: Necessities & Nuisances

21 Apr

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Necessities & Nuisances


Socrates found the needs for sleep, food, drink, sex, and other bodily necessities to be obstacles.  Others call these “creature comforts.”  Still others find these to be that which makes life worth living.  What you find to be an obstruction or an amenity says much about you.


Daily Obstruction: Right Now

4 Apr


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Right Now

If you live in the Now then you’ll never be even a minute older than you are now.

Daily Obstruction: Life-Long Learning

22 Feb



Life’s Learning Curve


After particularly unpleasant encounters, people sometimes say, “I guess it was a learning experience.”  Everything is a learning experience if only you are aware of your ignorance.  It’s only when you forget your ignorance that you encounter difficulty due to the false presumption of knowledge about your current situation.

Writing on Writing

27 Mar

For the inaugural post, I would like to solicit writers thoughts about the following New Yorker article by Louis Menand from June 8, 2009, on advanced degree programs in creative writing: Show or Tell.   To put the question in Socratic fashion: Can creative writing be taught?  If so, how?

Speaking of Socrates, to my thinking, he is the first to ask this question and to answer in the negative in the context of teaching a youth how to write.  See Plato’s Phaedrus – one of my favorite dialogues.