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Daily Obstruction: Try, Fail, Repeat

10 Jun


Try, Fail, Repeat


It’s been said that the definition of stupidity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result.  Unfortunately, that’s also a very apt description of the learning process.

Daily Obstruction: Degrees of Difficulty

30 May


Degrees of Difficulty


As with mountains and pyramids, so too with rites of ascending passage – one can climb along the surface elevations or one can explore the inner chambers.  One can tunnel under to unearth the foundation or one can enter and exit the gates of the garden paths and byways.

Daily Obstruction: Learned the Hard Way

27 Mar

new college oxford chestnut

Learned the Hard Way


Experience is a good teacher, but bad experience is a better teacher.


Daily Obstruction: Life-Long Learning

22 Feb



Life’s Learning Curve


After particularly unpleasant encounters, people sometimes say, “I guess it was a learning experience.”  Everything is a learning experience if only you are aware of your ignorance.  It’s only when you forget your ignorance that you encounter difficulty due to the false presumption of knowledge about your current situation.

Spelling & Grammar

20 Jan


Spelling & Grammar


Spelling and grammar are modern conventions that are designed to make literacy a more exclusive and elite club.

Daily Obstruction: In-Tuition of Nature

15 Jan

tcb 010

In-Tuition of Nature

Nature’s first lessons are taught with pain and pleasure.  Once these are learned – if ever – then she whispers the secret of communion and fidelity.  After a long apprenticeship, she secretly bestows her creative power, indicating graduation.  This is done unceremoniously and the only rewards she offers for such a rare accomplishment is delight in poetic pain.

Castalia Cultural Center

20 Jul

Announcing the inaugural lecture series of the Castalia Cultural Center:


When: Tuesday evenings (6pm – 7pm) beginning September 16, 2014 (First Lecture Series is consists of 5 lectures – one every Tuesday, unless otherwise noted.)

Where: 1318 Beacon Street, Suite 15, Brookline, MA 02446

Who: Jason Giannetti

What: “Homer to Aristotle: Ancient Greek Education and Philosophy and Their Counterfeits”

Cost: $10/lecture, $50 for the entire series

Space is limited, so register early.

Contact Jason Giannetti: jasongiannetti@yahoo.com

or use the field below: