Daily Obstruction: Post Obstruction?

22 Oct


[Dear Reader,

Today marks the one year anniversary since I began “The Daily Obstruction.”  Originally, my goal was to write one obstruction per day for one year.  There have been a few days, here and there, that I skipped due to unfortunate circumstances (such as my appendectomy, my birthday, and, on occasion, laziness or lack of inspiration), but I always made up the lost obstruction the next day.  It has been a pleasure and a challenge and I thank you for reading along.  I hope that these obstructions have. . . I have no idea what I hope they have done for you!  But my next writing project is to be called “Boston Treasures.”  My goal is to post each week one free or low-cost place that I love to visit in and around Boston.  I’ll write more about this tomorrow when the installments begin.  Until then, thanks for letting me get in your way every day.




Post Obstruction?


After 365 varieties of obstruction, we ask – obstructions to what?  Commonly an obstruction blocks one’s way to a destination.  We’ve suggested a plethora of ways in which we all obstruct our paths, but were it possible to remove any and all obstructions, what would you see?  To whence would your clear path lead?  What is your ultimate destination?



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